The Reklaws @ Kinstock 2018

‘It Takes Two’ to Get to Know Fun Facts About The Reklaws


The word ‘sibling’ is mostly followed by ‘rivalry,’ but Jenna and Stu Walker bond together every day when they hit the stage or go into the studio to form The Reklaws.

Rather than bicker over who is older and fight over who annoyed who first, Jenna and Stu rid of all the negativity to focus on their music which has turned the Canadian duo into one to watch in country music. After getting to know each other through a professional sense when they decided to embark on a career in music, the Reklaws honed in on their strength and weaknesses to develop the band they always wanted to be.

“Best advice for working with each other has been actually just getting to know each other and what buttons to press because we know what makes each other angry. So when we’re working together, we know we’re probably not to go there. I think we’re really good friends, but we work really well together as well so just knowing each other is important,” Jenna explained in the exclusive video.

The two also exchanged their most embarrassing moments, in which Stu used to dress up in Jenna’s one-piece swimsuits as a kid since he never liked water droplets falling from his soaked swim trunks.

When it comes down to it though, Jenna and Stu love just spending time together as brother and sister as well as performers. Their on-stage memories bring them closer together both on and off the stage, and they are times the two of them will cherish throughout their careers.

“There’s been times where we’ve both been approached being like, ‘You could do it yourself.’ We just decided that together was better. It takes two,” Jenna said.

The Reklaws plan to play a couple festivals this summer, as well as work on their music. Fans can keep up with the duo on their social media accounts.